Data Conversions

The HearTrak Professional versions include import routines to import data from a variety of third party software systems. If the Standard version is used, Hawkwa, Inc. can convert your data in one of these systems for a nominal fee. The conversions include:

OCK2000: a procedure is included to extract the data directly from the files in the OCK2000 system. During the import invalid records and "orphans" (hearing tests not associated with an employee) are removed, resulting in a clean database.

FOSHM: special export templates are provided for use in the Foshm system in order to export data. These files are then imported directly into the HearTrak system. Medical history information is not exported from Foshm,

OHM: many exports from OHM systems are in a "report" format. This is generally not suitable for importing to another database. However, HearTrak has specially designed routines to inspect the OHM data and intelligently extract the tests and employees. This has worked on many different formats from the OHM system.

Benson: this system exports data in the old HearTrak DOS "Hawkemhe.dat" format. Since this is a format developed by Hawkwa, Inc., it can be directly imported into all versions of HearTrak.

Other Systems: most software systems can export data in either an Excel or ASCII format. Custom templates can be created in the Professional version of HearTrak to match this data and import it directly into HearTrak. Special import routines have been designed for data from Examinetics, TK Group, and the Smart system. It should be noted that other systems can change their export formats at any time. HearTrak has built in safety features to detect these changes before the data becomes a part of the database.