HearTrak In-Plant
This system is designed for companies that test their own employees in-house.

HearTrak Clinic
This system is designed for companies (medical clinics, corporations, audiologists, consultants, etc.) who need to track an unlimited number of locations in one database. Employees typically come to the clinic for testing, or data is entered in the office, not collected at the client work site using a mobile van.

HearTrak Service Provider
This system is designed for mobile van companies or clinics that require each client to have a separate database, with each database capable of having multiple locations. Typically, the HearTrak user will go to the client company to perform hearing testing services.

Reports Only
Any one of the three systems above can be provided in a reports only version. This will permit the user to print letters, look up data, print summary reports, etc. It comes with the Professional Reports and Professional Import options for loading data from a file.