Notification Letters

sample letter

OSHA requires that employees experiencing a Standard Threshold Shift be notified in writing. However, HearTrak goes far beyond the statutory minimum notifications by automatically formatting a letter specifically tailored to the individual based upon how the HearTrak user has set up the letter requirements. The letter can be automatically printed at the time of the test or batch printed in the Professional version.

Letters are comprised of selected paragraphs, with default text that should meet most user's needs. However, if a more appropriate paragraph is needed, it can easily be changed. Only the paragraphs specific to the individual's conditions are printed. HearTrak provides default paragraphs in both English and Spanish, with the option to add other languages. The typical user does not change any of the HearTrak defaults. A sample setup screen is shown below.


Letters can also include additional information, such as an audiogram, data listing, or a special paragraph required by Iowa when certain conditions are met. Other options are shown in the screen below.


Sample letters can be printed from the "Information/Sample Letters" tab. Once the letters are formatted the way the user wants, there is no need use these screens again unless further changes are required.

The HearTrak Professional version permits the user to include a custom paragraph of his/her comments in the letter.